Secretary Clinton's Trip To Africa

Secretary Clinton Goes To Africa  August 5-14

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Africa faced two countries in dramatic crisis: the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. Here is a summary of the causes and possible solutions.

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Enough Strategy Papers:

Eastern Congo: An Action Plan to End The World's Deadliest War - (PDF)

A Comprehensive Approach to Congo's Conflict Minerals - PDF

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Sudan: The Countdown - (PDF)

Chad's Domestic Crisis: The Achilles Heel for Peacemaking in Darfur - (PDF)

Finishing the Fight Against the LRA - (PDF)

 Coalition Reports:

"Faced with a gun, what can you do?" War and the Militarization of Mining in Eastern Congo - Global Witness

Waking the DevilOxfam International

Metals in Mobile Phones Help Finance Congo Atrocities - Global Witness

Social and Environmental Responsibility in Metals Supply to the Electronics Industry - Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition

 News Clips:

Secretary Clinton's Opportunity: Ending the World's Two Deadliest Wars - Huffington Post

Diane Rehm Asks John Prendergast about the underlying cause of the Congo Conflict (Audio) - NPR

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John Prendergast on Secretary Clinton's Trip to Africa (Video) - MSNBC

Somalia: Too Big a Problem to Fail? - Foreign Policy

Out of Africa: The Blood Tantalum in Your
Mobile Phone
- Sydney Morning Herald

Battle for Conflict Minerals - CNN

Court Redraws Disputed Region in Sudan - New York Times

 Congo Tin Exports Rebound Despite U.N., Campaigners - Reuters

The New Blood Diamonds - The Boston Globe

Clinton Pledges Strong Support for Somali Government - VOA

Clinton Describes Plan to Fight Sexual Violence in Congo - The New York Times

Clinton to Take Fight Against Rape to East Congo - Reuters

Clinton Pushes Congo on Atrocities Against Women - VOA

Clinton in DRC, commits $17m to fight sexual violence - Radio France Internationale



From Mines To Mobile Phones - Enough

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Enough policy advisor Colin  Thomas-Jensen pinpoints US priorities on Ask The Expert

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