The Lord's Resistance Army

Wanted: Joseph KonyFor almost 25 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army and its leader Joseph Kony have wreaked havoc on civilian communities across central Africa. What began in 1987 as a rebellion based in northern Uganda has morphed into a regional insurgency that now terrorizes civilians in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and eastern Central African Republic.

The LRA has no clear political agenda. This ruthless militia directs its violence towards civilians and attacks local communities—massacring innocent people, razing villages, and abducting children and forcing them to serve as soldiers, porters, and sex slaves.

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Bring and End to the LRA

Stop Kony and the LRA

Read, "Ending the Lord's Resistance Army", which outlines the need for broader actions by the U.S. and other countries to enhance the chances for a successful deployment of military advisers.

President Obama deployed 100 U.S. military advisors last fall to assist regional efforts aimed at ending the almost 25 year-old Lord’s Resistance Army crisis. This is an important step forward, but it needs to be accompanied by a larger effort and partnership in order to stop the LRA.

Thank President Obama for the deployment of the military advisors and ask him to do more to end this crisis.

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The End of Amnesty in Uganda: Implications for LRA Defections

Aug 30, 2012

The Ugandan government’s decision to end amnesty for fighters from the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, in May 2012 is causing significant upheaval in LRA-affected communities and creating major obstacles to finally ending the LRA. Former rebels fear that they will face prosecution and are certain that the removal of amnesty will discourage future defections and escapes from the LRA. In this paper, the Enough Project proposes a 3-part plan to achieve greater defections from the LRA while addressing the need for justice and truth-seeking.

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Ending the LRA

Aug 28, 2012

Current efforts to end the Lord’s Resistance Army, including U.S. military advisors currently deployed in East and Central Africa, are unlikely to succeed if they are not accompanied by the proper diplomatic, military, logistical, and intelligence support. This series of LRA Issue Briefs describes the main obstacles to success and explains what steps the U.S. and its partners should take in order to end the LRA as soon as possible.

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