February 2010

ICC 'Paves The Way' For Genocide Charge For Bashir

Today the Appeals Chamber at the International Criminal Court decided that the standard of proof the court used to reject the charge of genocide for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir last March "was higher and more demanding than what is required."  Read More »

UN Head’s Reported Comments Strike A Nerve In Southern Sudan

Although the spokesperson for the Secretary-General has recently made clear that Ban Ki-moon’s widely discussed remarks were inaccurately recorded, the response in southern Sudan to these comments helps to highlight the widespread sentiments in southern Sudan about the right of the southern Sudanese people—and them alone—to decide their future  Read More »

Dispatch From Eastern Congo

Congo fighters - AP

In the second of two field dispatches on the crisis in eastern Congo, Enough field researcher Olivia Caeymaex reports on the situation in Walikale territory, a region where the FDLR maintains a strong presence.Dispatch From Eastern Congo  Read More »

Jimmy Carter On Sudan

“One of the most urgent responsibilities the international community faces is in Sudan, which is facing a renewal of nationwide violence.” So begins the call-to-action from former president Jimmy Carter  that ran in the Washington Post yesterday.  Read More »

Dear General Public, What About Congo?

Congolese women - S. Virk

Reporting from eastern Congo, the New York Times’ Nick Kristof filed a compelling commentary on the decade-long conflict there that should make world leaders and the broader public stop in their tracks and ask themselves what they’ve done to help the people of Congo.  Read More »

U.S. Official Undercuts Sudan Policy, Misunderstands Elections

There’s been no shortage of high-level attention to Sudan as of late, but the senior U.S. official who spoke to Reuters this week about Sudan’s upcoming elections not only fails to grasp the nuances of the administration’s Sudan policy; the official also seems to fundamentally misunderstand how elections work.  Read More »

A Grieving Father And The Army’s Failure To Protect

Lisa Shannon

I talked to Antoinette's father today, in Mama Koko's living room.  A modest man, mid-50s, pressed, tucked, and in a baseball cap – visibly wearing the weight of his recent loss. He sat on the far end of the sofa, with Koko's elderly uncle, who had been badly beaten himself last year by the Lord’s Resistance Army, on the other end.  Read More »

Sudan's Presidential "Contenders"

Last week, the window for nominating candidates for Sudan’s April elections came to a close. Make sure to take a look at the profiles Reuters “Factbox” provides on the main contenders.  Read More »