June 2010

Stanford University First to Adopt Policy on Conflict Minerals

Panning for gold - SLezhnev

Students at Stanford University just claimed a major victory, convincing their school to be the first to adopt a policy combating the trade in conflict minerals from Congo.  Read More »

New LRA Report: On the Heels of Kony

The Lord’s Resistance Army is waging a ruthless campaign of terror – largely ignored by the outside world – against civilians in the Central African Republic, writes Enough Field Researcher Ledio Cakaj in a report published today.  Read More »

Bashir’s New Cabinet and the Threat of War in Sudan

In this guest post, Sudan expert Eric Reeves takes a look at the individuals appointed to key posts in Sudan's new government - and their ties to mass atrocities and genocide.  Read More »

The Most Important Day for Congo in Congress in Years

Critical language requiring conflict minerals accountability is part of the financial reform legislation currently being finalized by Congress. The fate of this conflict minerals language is slated to be decided tomorrow.  Read More »

Don’t Have to Be A Poker Player to Ante Up for Africa

With the next Ante Up for Africa benefit poker tournament right around the corner, the organization kicked off an effort yesterday to raise $10,000 between now and July 5, when the World Series of Poker opens in Las Vegas.  Read More »

Tension Over Land in Darfur Ignites Fresh Conflict

Tribal chiefs in West Darfur this week reported that new clashes between the Misseriya and Nuwayba tribes have killed 50 people. The news underscores the need to address an issue that has long sparked conflict in the region: land.  Read More »

In Memory of Manute Bol: A Giant Among Us

The Save Darfur Coalition's Alex Meixner wrote this post about Sudanese activist and former NBA player Manute Bol, who died on Saturday at the age of 47.  Read More »

Tiptoeing Around Africa’s Human Rights Abusers

Obama billboard

The Obama administration has been shockingly tolerant of backsliding on human rights issues and disrespect for democratic values, seemingly favoring policies that maintain the status quo rather than push for bold reforms.  Read More »

Activists Protest Apple’s Conflict Minerals Problem

Protesters pressing Apple to commit to making conflict-free products were front and center at the grand opening of Apple’s first store in Washington, D.C., last Friday.  Read More »

Dear VP Biden, Your Leadership is Needed in Sudan

To mark World Refugee Day today, the Sudan Now campaign placed an ad in the Washington Post that draws attention to the volatile situation in Sudan, calling on Vice President Biden to stay personally involved now that he has seen firsthand the acute challenges the country faces.  Read More »