August 2011

How Warlords and Washington Lobbyists Undermine Stability in Eastern Congo

This post originally appeared on Global Post:

What do corrupted Congolese warlords and Washington lobbyists have in common? They’ve joined forces to become the biggest obstacle to development and stability in eastern Congo.  Read More »

5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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Cover Up: New Evidence of Three Mass Graves in South Kordofan

Dovetailing with the recent U.N. report calling for investigations into human rights violations in Sudan, the Satellite Sentinel Project, or SSP, released a report today that identified three new alleged mass grave sites in and around Kadugli, the state capital of South Kordofan, where heavy fighting has taken place since June.  Read More »

Nelson Ochaya: Supporting Other Former Child Soldiers

Nelson Ochaya, a former LRA child soldier, shares his story of abduction and escape, and how his experience inspired him to work toward educating and reintegrating other former child soldiers.    Read More »

South Kordofan Conflict Continues as U.N. Calls for Human Rights Investigations

Over two months since the conflagration in the Sudanese border state of South Kordofan broke out, violence continues to persist, and the warring parties have not re-opened dialogue. Despite findings by the United Nations report that suggest war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in the conflict, the international response has moved little beyond rhetoric.  Read More »

Setting the Record Straight on Congo's Conflict Minerals

In response to David Aronson's op-ed last week, "How Congress Devastated Congo," The New York Times published four rebuttal Letters to the Editor this morning titled, “A Conflict Over ‘Conflict Minerals’.”  Read More »

New U.N. Report Suggests Eritrean Link to South Sudan Rebels

A new U.N. report published last month caused a few tremors in an already politically precarious region of East Africa. The Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, which was charged with examining compliance with arms embargoes on the two countries, submitted a meticulously documented 417-page report that sheds light on official Eritrean complicity in an expansive network of illicit activities, ranging from arms trafficking, to people smuggling, to support of armed groups in neighboring countries, and raises questions of Eritrea involvement in the new state of South Sudan.  Read More »

5 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday (or on occasion, on Saturday).  Read More »

Congolese Civil Society and Human Rights Groups Urge the SEC to Issue Final Rules

In response to mounting pressure by the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers, the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable and four eastern Congo-based civil society groups sent letters last month to the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, calling on the SEC to quickly adopt final rules to implement 1502. Importantly, both letters ask the SEC to adopt rules that do not include phase-ins or delays in implementation.  Read More »

Facts and Opportunities on Conflict Minerals and Livelihoods

The notion that minerals stopped fueling war in eastern Congo does not square with the facts on the ground, and a broad consensus has agreed on this conclusion—from regional heads of state, to many local civil society groups, to the United Nations Groups of Experts, to the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, to investors, to electronics companies.  Read More »