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The Hill Op-Ed: An Evolving Obama Success Story in Africa

This op-ed originally appeared in The Hill. In it, Enough's Sasha Lezhnev and John Prendergast discuss how the Obama administration's policy has helped lead to a 90% reduction in LRA killings but that the President must follow up key issues with the African Union.  Read More »

TIME Op-Ed: President Obama Must Help Tackle Africa’s Hijacked States

This op-ed originally appeared on TIME.com and was written by Enough Project Founding Director John Prendergast. In it, Prendergast discusses how policy efforts to combat atrocities must now begin to center on how to make war more costly than peace.  Read More »

Senate Human Rights Caucus briefing: “The Crisis in Sudan: Prospects for Justice and Peace.”

On June 23, Enough Project Senior Advisor Omer Ismail spoke at the Senate Human Rights Caucus special congressional briefing on Sudan, hosted by co-chairs Senator Mark Kirk and Senator Chris Coons and the Washington Working Group on the International Criminal Court (WICC).  Read More »

Introducing: The Sentry

Today, the Enough Project announced  the launch of The Sentry, a new initiative seeking to dismantle the networks of perpetrators, facilitators, and enablers who fund and profit from Africa’s deadliest conflicts.  Read More »

Kingston-Upon-Hull Becomes First UK City to Pass Conflict-Free Resolution

On Thursday 18th June 2015, Kingtson-Upon-Hull became the first city in the UK to pass a conflict-free resolution. In this guest blog post, campaign leader Mike Riley recounts the process of assembling a student-led campaign, presenting to the council, and ultimately passing a resolution.   Read More »

Activists Keep Up Momentum for a Conflict-Free Resolution in Portland, OR

Portland City Hall

Oregon Coalition for Humanity has been working for years to pass a Conflict-Free City Resolution in Portland, and there is optimism for a positive outcome in the near future.  Read More »

Enough Project Statement: UN Security Council Must Act Now to Check Impunity in South Sudan

Today, the Enough Project released a statement calling on the UN Security Council to issue sanctions against human rights abusers in South Sudan as an essential step in combatting the unchecked impunity that has come to define the country's political environment. In addition to demonstrating the international community's united resolve to combat impunity, these sanctions can also help forge an enabling environment for peace negotiations.  Read More »

CNN Op-ed: Sanctions Threats Are Not Enough

George Clooney joins Enough's John Prendergast and Akshaya Kumar on CNN.com arguing that since greed is driving the calculations of South Sudan’s government and rebel leaders, the surest route to peace is by hitting them in their wallets with biting sanctions. Their piece offers a peek at our newest initiative to dismantle the financial networks fueling and profiting from Africa’s deadliest wars, launching in July.  Read More »

Daily Beast Op-ed on Kony's LRA by Kathryn Bigelow and Holly Dranginis

Editor's Note: This article was written by the Kathryn Bigelow and Enough Project's Policy Analyst Holly Dranginis and originally appeared in The Daily Beast as "Keep Fighting Joseph Kony’s LRA" on June 22, 2015.  Read More »

STUDENTS - APPLY NOW! Campus Organizer, Enough Project's Conflict-Free Campus Initiative

The Enough Project’s Conflict-Free Campus Initiative (CFCI) draws on the power of student leadership to support peace efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo). CFCI students lead targeted activism campaigns aimed at addressing key impediments to peace, including the deadly conflict mineral trade. As a Campus Organizer for CFCI, you will be an essential part of strengthening the conflict-free movement on your campus. APPLY NOW!  Read More »

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