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Hill Briefing: The Ongoing Crisis in South Sudan

Enough Project Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst Justine Fleischner spoke at a June 10 briefing on Capitol Hill titled “The Ongoing Crisis in South Sudan: A Detailed Outlook on the Situation”. The briefing was hosted by Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY13).  Read More »

NGOs urge Widening of Targeted Sanctions on Individuals in South Sudan

On June 10, the Enough Project, Human Rights Watch, Humanity United, United to End Genocide, American Jewish World Service, and the National Association of Evangelicals wrote to National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Secretary of State John Kerry to urge the imposition of targeted sanctions against more individuals in South Sudan responsible for serious human rights and humanitarian law violations.  Read More »

New Report: Neighborhood Watch: Mobilizing Regional Action for Peace in South Sudan

Neighborhood Watch

In South Sudan, efforts to broker peace are not succeeding. A new Enough Project report describes the competing political and economic interests of South Sudan’s neighbors that have so far undermined regional willingness to take action against the warring parties and what the U.S. can do to bring about a negotiated settlement to the conflict.  Read More »

Enough Project Joins Other NGOs to Urge Beneficial Ownership Transparency at World Bank

Yesterday, the Enough Project joined 106 other organizations urging the World Bank to take a leadership role in the international community in beneficial ownership transparency.  Read More »

New Foreign Affairs Article: Absent in Central Africa

This article was written by Stephen R. Weissman, Anthony W. Gambino, and the Enough Project's John Prendergast and Sasha Lezhnev. It originally appeared in Foreign Affairs as "Absent in Central Africa" on June 8, 2015.  Read More »

Enough and 120+ Organizations Call for Senate to Confirm Gayle Smith as USAID Administrator

In a letter to the Senate Leadership and Foreign Relations Committee Chairs, the Enough project joined 129 other organizations in calling on the Senate to swiftly confirm Gayle Smith as the next Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).   Read More »

NGOs Urge Senate to Confirm Ambassador to South Sudan

Letter Urging Confirmation of Mary Catherine Phee

On June 3rd, the Enough Project and 10 other NGOs wrote to Senators McConnell and Reid, urging them to schedule a vote to confirm an Ambassador to South Sudan as soon as possible.  Read More »

New Report: The Many Faces of al-Bashir

The Many Faces of al-Bashir

Recent political shifts in the Persian Gulf could benefit the ruling elite in economically isolated and politically ostracized Sudan, according to a new Enough Project report by Senior Advisor Omer Ismail. The report outlines Sudan’s growing economic dependence on Persian Gulf countries, posits that they now have more leverage to press the NCP on political reforms and compromises for peace, and suggests that American policymakers should use these relationships to encourage greater constructive engagement from Sudan.  Read More »

Congolese Members of Parliament to Obama: Appoint a Senior-Level U.S. Envoy to Congo Now

Secretary Kerry in Kinshasa, May 2014

Several Members of Parliament from the Democratic Republic of Congo declared last week in an open letter to President Obama the need for a new U.S. Special Envoy to Congo and the Great Lakes Region. They join NGOs, members of Congress, and Congolese experts in their call for Secretary of State John Kerry to swiftly fill the vacancy.  Read More »

Companies Mark Major Benchmark, Support a Conflict-Free Minerals Trade in Congo

Today marks the deadline for publicly traded companies in the United States to disclose the potential presence of conflict minerals in their supply chains, and what they’re doing about it. While many positive trends are emerging, implementation of Dodd-Frank 1502 is still in its nascent stages and there are many improvements still to be made. As Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Sakahrov Prize Winner Dr. Denis Mukwege stated: "A conflict-free minerals industry would contribute to ending the unspeakable violence the people of Congo have endured for years."  Read More »

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