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Two Years to Self Destruct in Sudan

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir

Imagine if we had enjoyed the luxury of knowing, two years before it happened, that Yugoslavia would disintegrate in 1991. Or just think if U.S. diplomats had been able to predict years earlier exactly when the Soviet Union was going to collapse. One certainly hopes the United States would have been better positioned to deal with these momentous events. But a current case gives one pause. Sudan might very well split in half in precisely two years, and policymakers have taken far too little notice.  Read More »


African Union Reps Gather in Libya to ... Fete Qaddafi?

Muammar Qaddafi - AP

As the African Union gathers for its third summit of the year, it seems that Darfur and Somalia may have been more of a pretext for ensuring that the celebration of Qaddafi’s 40 years of (authoritarian) rule has a good turnout.  Read More »

Want to Know More about the UNICEF Chief’s Congo Trip? Ask Her.

Congolese woman in clinic

Wrapping up a five-day trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UNICEF chief said that she was “horrified” by the stories of violence inflicted on the people of eastern Congo by predatory groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army, but was moved by the “sheer will and determination of the community to help.” Now, she's taking your questions.  Read More »

Somalia: Peacekeepers Battle Insurgents and Malnutrition

Militants patrol street in Mogadishu - AP

A recent spate of deaths due to malnutrition and chronic funding problems (the force has never received the $800 million dollars it had been promised) underlines the severity of the day-to-day hardships the African Union peacekeepers in Somalia encounter.  Read More »

LATimes: Darfur Becoming Even More of a Problem

The Los Angeles Times ran a well-timed editorial today countering now former UNAMID force commander Martin Luther Agwai’s self-serving comments last week about the end of Darfur’s hot war and urging President Obama to turn his attention to the “millions suffering in Darfur.”  Read More »

5 Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

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A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

Zuma in Zimbabwe: South African President Sees Way Forward

South African President Zuma - AP

Gwede Mantash, the secretary general of South Africa’s leading ANC, said Wednesday that Zuma would not shy away from being vocal, noting that the South African president would “become more vocal in what we see as deviant behavior in our neighbor.”  Read More »

Promoting Peace in Sudan: The Devil is in the Details

Without a doubt, the decision by President Obama to appoint a special envoy to Sudan was a good one. And as his appointee for the post, retired Maj. General Scott Gration, touches down in Washington today after his seventh trip as Sudan special envoy, there is no doubt that he is hard working, well-intentioned, and facing some very real challenges.  Read More »

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