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Sudan Hosts First-Ever Film Festival

Sudan International Film Festival , or SIFF logo

The first ever Sudan International Film Festival , or SIFF, took place this past week in Khartoum. Bringing together filmmakers, artists, and audiences, the festival celebrated independent and alternative filmmaking.   Read More »

Report: CAR, South Sudan Turmoil Challenge Counter-LRA Mission

In recent weeks, conflicts in South Sudan and the Central African Republic have intensified regional turmoil. A new Enough Project report, “Counter-LRA Mission Challenged by Regional Turmoil,” analyzes the effect of intensifying conflict in the region and its impact on the counter-LRA mission.  Read More »

Report: Forgotten Wars: Sudan's Periphery Smolders as Focus Turns to South Sudan

Displaced refugees look out in South Sudan

Since December, international attention and focus has shifted to South Sudan as violence and a rising humanitarian crisis intensifies in the world’s newest nation.  In the north, escalating violence, displacement, and new political developments in the areas along Sudan’s periphery—Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile—are going largely unnoticed.  Read More »

Understanding Eastern Congo's ADF-NALU Rebels

Congolese armed groups withdraw from Goma (AP)

On January 17, the Congolese military began conducting military operations in northeastern Beni territory, in North Kivu province, against one of its oldest and least understood armed rebel groups: the Allied Democratic Forces - National Army for the Liberation of Uganda, or ADF-NALU.  Read More »

Daily Beast Op-ed: Government Ceasefire Is First Step Towards Peace in South Sudan

South Sudanese government forces after recent victory in Bentiu, in Unity State,

The government and the armed opposition have signed a ceasefire, in a hopeful step after weeks of bloody fighting.  Read More »

[PHOTOS] Four Images of Scorched Earth in South Sudan from the Sky

While combatants signed a cessation of hostilities agreement in Addis Ababa yesterday, devastation caused by the conflict, which began in December 2013, continues to be uncovered.   Read More »

7 Things You Need to Know About South Sudan's Agreement to End Hostilities

Displaced persons arrive in Bor, South Sudan (AP)

Today, South Sudan’s government and opposition forces signed a cessation of hostilities agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Following weeks of intense mediated talks, this agreement is just the first step on South Sudan's long road to a durable peace.   Read More »

Not In Our Name: A South Sudanese Perspective on the Crisis

Kuoth Wiel, South Sudanese actor and model

As South Sudanese, we worked hard to persevere through two civil wars. Now, our chance to have freedom and prosperity is threatened by political tension and ethnic division.  Read More »

Op-ed: To prevent an M23 resurgence in Congo, perpetrators must face justice

M23 rebels in eastern Congo.

Early last November, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the world celebrated the surrender of the M23 rebel group, marking a watershed moment in Congo's chronically unstable peace process.  Read More »

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 A weekly roundup of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

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