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Posted by Marjon Momand on Jul 17, 2012

In a room packed with more than 150 people, the Enough Project hosted a panel discussion on July 16 about the interconnected challenges facing Sudan and South Sudan since South Sudan’s first anniversary of independence. The panelists addressed the ongoing North-South negotiation process and the recent wave of anti-regime protests sweeping though Sudan, emphasizing their effect on security in the region and the potential for regime change.

Posted by Annette LaRocco on Jul 16, 2012
Sudan event poster

Today the Enough Project is hosting a panel event, “War and Protest in Sudan: Implications for the Region a Year After South Sudan's Independence ” at our office in Washington, D.C., and live-streaming here. Join us for a discussion that will address the multiple and interconnected challenges facing both countries since independence and explore ways to build peace and security within and between the two Sudans.

Posted by Kelly Herman on Jun 29, 2012

On Saturday, June 23, more than 200 community members gathered in the greater Washington, D.C., area for a celebration in honor of World Refugee Day. The Enough Project’s Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program, or DDT,and Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, or LSS/NCA, co-hosted the event, which included international music, art, and food in honor of global refugees and those who have resettled in the greater D.C. community.

Posted by Laura Heaton on May 23, 2012

As International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s tenure comes to an end in June and on the heels of developments in high-profile cases testing international justice mechanisms, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the ICC’s first decade. At a recent event hosted by the International Peace Institute in New York, it was a unique occasion that Moreno-Ocampo led the discussion of lessons learned and challenges that lie ahead.

Posted by Annie Callaway on Apr 27, 2012

This weekend, our partners at United to End Genocide, or UEG, are hosting a series of online and offline events to mark the end of genocide awareness month and bring attention to the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sudan and South Sudan. Beginning today, activists across the U.S. and abroad will begin spreading the word on Facebook and urging people to take action.