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Posted by Laura Heaton on Jul 10, 2012

The International Criminal Court handed down a sentence today in the first trial before the tribunal, giving Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga 14 years behind bars in The Hague. Lubanga will serve eight years, given that the judges took into account that he has been in the custody of the court and Congolese authorities for six.

Posted by Enough Team on Jul 10, 2012

Wendy Crompton is a law student and intern at the U.S. State Department, where she recently attended a screening of the video series "I Am Congo,” produced by the Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign. In this guest blog post she writes about the impact the stories featured in the video had on her work.

Posted by Annette LaRocco on Jul 10, 2012

A day after South Sudan marked its first birthday, this week’s post in the series Enough 101 offers an overview of the challenges the new country faces.

Posted by Alistair Dawson on Jul 10, 2012

On June 25, a coalition of 22 human rights organizations and civil society leaders in Uganda, Congo, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the U.S. issued a statement calling on the Ugandan government to reinstate Part II of its Amnesty Act and to promote greater accountability and reconciliation.  This provision, which was allowed to expire on May 23 while the rest of the act was renewed, has proven an effective tool in the encouragement of defections among combatants within the ranks of the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA.

Posted by Alistair Dawson on Jul 9, 2012

Over the past week, the M23 rebels have made major advances on strategic border towns in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since their rebellion from the Congolese army over three months ago, the M23 movement has grown considerably in manpower and occupied territory.