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Posted by Katrien Hinderdael on Oct 10, 2013

Gold remains an important conflict mineral in eastern Congo, with approximately 12 tons worth roughly $500 million smuggled out of the country every year. A new report by the Enough Project, “Striking Gold: How M23 and its Allies are Infiltrating Congo’s Gold Trade,” documents Makenga’s current role in M23’s networks in the gold trade and puts forth policy recommendations for addressing these illicit backchannels.

Posted by Enough Team on Oct 8, 2013
Aaron Rodgers (ThinkProgress)

On homecoming week here at the University of Wisconsin, a local football star had campus celebrating. 

Posted by Katie Smith on Oct 4, 2013
Mary Robinson with Neema Namadamu (Maman Shujaa)

According to a new report by Freedom House, only 1.7 percent of Congolese accessed the Internet in 2012. 

Posted by Enough Team on Sep 23, 2013

On Wednesday, September 18, the U.S.Department of State hosted a Google+ Hangout, The U.S. and the United Nations: The Case for Multilateralism.

Posted by Zoe Lewis and S... on Sep 20, 2013
A child is put to work at a militia-run mine in Watsa | Marcus Bleasdale

The latest issue of National Geographic magazine, the 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition “Photography Issue,” explores the role conflict minerals play in the violence in eastern Congo.