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Posted by Matt Brown on Dec 9, 2010

If war breaks out between North and South Sudan, Abyei will be at the center of the conflict. The region along the North-South border including Abyei is becoming tense ahead of next month’s referendum on southern independence.

Posted by Sally Smith on Dec 9, 2010
Elders Tutu and Machel

Raising the profile and sounding the alarm about South Sudan's upcoming referendum on independence, the Elders, an independent group of global leaders, called on all parties to "respect the will of the people" while not taking our eyes off of Darfur.

Posted by Laura Heaton on Dec 8, 2010

The countdown to independence is on – literally, in the glowing red digital clock in a central roundabout in town that ticks off the time left until January 9 in days, minutes, and seconds.

Posted by Sally Smith on Dec 7, 2010

With just one month left before the vote that analysts fear could reignite war in Sudan, activists across the country are calling on U.S. and world leaders to do everything possible to help forge a path to peace in Sudan.

Posted by Enough Team on Dec 6, 2010

Debuting in a blog post today by Nick Kristof of The New York Times, a new video co-produced by Sudan Now and Not On Our Watch captures the precariousness of the present moment in Sudan, as the country prepares for a historic vote expected to split it in two.