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Posted by Amanda Hsiao on Dec 21, 2011

“We are civilians,” said Adam, a Blue Nile refugee who had fled his home two months earlier. “We are like children in a family; you don’t make decisions.”

Adam was responding to a question posed by Enough about whether he, Boles, and the other men who had gathered, sensed political tensions in their state prior to the outbreak of conflict that drove them from their homes.

Posted by Sally Smith on Dec 15, 2011

For many of us working in the anti-genocide field, one of the comforting facts of life is that the other side does not have a pro-genocide lobby. It used to be a joke of sorts, something we would say to each other to make us feel better about work that can feel intractable and slow-moving. After all, who in their right mind would represent a genocidal dictator? Well, now that question has its answer: Bart S. Fisher.

Posted by Laura Heaton on Dec 9, 2011

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Posted by John Prendergast on Dec 8, 2011

You'd think by the second decade of 21st century — with the development of international accountability and prevention mechanisms — that the use of starvation would have disappeared from the arsenal of war weapons because it bears too high a cost for the perpetrator. The people of Sudan would beg to differ, George Clooney and I write in an op-ed appearing on today.

Posted by Enough Team on Dec 7, 2011

In her first guest blog post for Enough Said, Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, a Minnesota-based professor, wrote about her ‘Enough Moment,’ which inspired the creation of a non-profit organization called World Without Genocide. As a follow-up, and in response to a reader’s comment, Kennedy wrote this post describing her group’s use of theater in their curriculum.