Blog Posts in Sudan and South Sudan

Posted by Enough Team on Jun 30, 2015

Today, the Enough Project released a statement calling on the UN Security Council to issue sanctions against human rights abusers in South Sudan as an essential step in combatting the unchecked impunity that has come to define the country's political environment. In addition to demonstrating the international community's united resolve to combat impunity, these sanctions can also help forge an enabling environment for peace negotiations.

Posted by Enough Team on Jun 25, 2015

George Clooney joins Enough's John Prendergast and Akshaya Kumar on arguing that since greed is driving the calculations of South Sudan’s government and rebel leaders, the surest route to peace is by hitting them in their wallets with biting sanctions. Their piece offers a peek at our newest initiative to dismantle the financial networks fueling and profiting from Africa’s deadliest wars, launching in July.

Posted by Enough Team on Jun 15, 2015

This op-ed was written by the Enough Project's Founding Director John Prendergast and Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst Akshaya Kumar and originally appeared in TIME as "The Sudanese President’s Escape Highlights the Determination of African Lawyers" on June 15, 2015.

Posted by Enough Team on Jun 12, 2015

Enough Project Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst Justine Fleischner spoke at a June 10 briefing on Capitol Hill titled “The Ongoing Crisis in South Sudan: A Detailed Outlook on the Situation”. The briefing was hosted by Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY13).

Posted by Rachel Finn on Jun 10, 2015

On June 10, the Enough Project, Human Rights Watch, Humanity United, United to End Genocide, American Jewish World Service, and the National Association of Evangelicals wrote to National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Secretary of State John Kerry to urge the imposition of targeted sanctions against more individuals in South Sudan responsible for serious human rights and humanitarian law violations.