Educate yourself—and your friends and family—about the crisis in Congo


Congo’s conflict remains the world’s deadliest since World War II. Trying to understand what is going on in eastern Congo isn’t always easy, but some excellent resources have emerged as the crisis has dramatically worsened in the past several months:

  • The Economist recently posted an impressive “videographic”  on their website. It is an easily digestible, five-minute history lesson that “maps the war in Congo over the past fifteen years” (no small feat).
  • Check out the International Crisis Group’s new multimedia presentation, “Congo Re-erupts,” which features a video interview as well as a conflict timeline, background and a “who’s who” of the various actors involved.
  • At our Raise Hope for Congo campaign site, watch a short video that explains why eastern Congo is the “Most Dangerous Place on Earth for Women.”
  • Also on the Raise Hope site, watch our Congo-based field researcher Rebecca Feeley’s video podcast with Congolese human rights activist Immaculée Birhaheka.
  • On Ushahidi, view evolving maps of the humanitarian crisis in Congo, which are updated via text messages and emails from users in Congo and around the world.
  • On the excellent Humanitarian Relief blog, blogger and former aid worker Michael Bear Kleinman posts interesting on-the-ground videos and interviews from Congo and elsewhere.

Finally, as Enough’s Executive Director John Norris noted, you should watch the powerful film The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo.