Enough Project in the News on Sudan


The independence of South Sudan has been a historical event not only for the country but for all of Africa. It has attracted worldwide media attention, and even some featuring our very own Enough Team, including Co-founder John Prendergast and Co-captain of the Darfur Dream Team Luol Deng, who have been on the ground in Juba. The following is an overview of recent, select media coverage that mention the Enough Project in Sudan:

"Less than a week after signing yet another agreement, the Sudanese regime appears to be ignoring its commitment, holding to form, and positioning military assets for intensified offensive operations. This cycle will continue to be played out with increasingly destructive results for Sudanese civilians until the international community stiffens its spine and imposes swift and severe repercussions for the endless cycle of violence the Khartoum regime continues to fuel."

Photo: A man with his face painted with the South Sudan flag at the independence ceremony in Juba (Enough/Tim Freccia)