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Report: South Sudan's Response to Violence in Jonglei

Traveling to Jonglei state during a relative lull in the clashes, the Enough Project sought to examine the South Sudanese government’s responses to the violence and its efforts to prevent further bloodshed, especially during the upcoming dry season when communities migrate in search of water and pastureland. The findings are published today in a new report titled, “’Sometimes We See Ourselves as Apart’: South Sudan’s Response to Violence in Jonglei.”  Read More »

Abyei: Peacekeepers’ Plans Unclear as Sudan Army Vows to Stay for Now

Attention to the situation in the disputed area of Abyei has been overshadowed by the worsening crisis to the northeast in the Nuba Mountains. In part, that may because of the agreement signed by Khartoum and Juba to remove their forces from the region and the U.N. Security Council’s authorization of a deployment of Ethiopian peacekeepers to secure the area. It seemed the situation was on the mend; with nearly 4,300 peacekeepers and police on their way to Abyei, surely the more than 100,000 displaced people would soon return home. But it's not the case.  Read More »

Gold Stars and Damage Control at the White House

Gold star

If you were troubled by Sudan Special Envoy Gration's remarks, as published in today's Washington Post, a survey of the blogosphere today indicates that you are not alone. Here's a recap of some of the reactions today…  Read More »

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