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New U.S. LRA Strategy Might Soon Face First Serious Test

The U.S. Congress is scheduled to unveil a new strategy this week aimed at dismantling the Lord’s Resistance Army, just as we move into a season when LRA attacks have historically been the most frequent.  Read More »

Diplomacy and Demobilization to Dismantle the LRA

The debate on how to ‘deal’ with the Lord’s Resistance Army in the past 20 years has been increasingly polarized, falling alongside two lines of action: peace talks or war. But currently, the strategies for combating the LRA seem to lack an understanding of how the group operates.  Read More »

On LRA, African Union Overestimates Military Might, Leaves Out Key Actor

Arrow Boys in Sudan - Enough

At a high-level meeting in the capital of Central African Republic, representatives from across the region set out to devise a strategy for confronting the LRA. The effort was laudable but missed the mark.  Read More »

Where Exactly is Joseph Kony and Does It Really Matter?

Joseph Kony (AP)

“Only Mr. God knows,” is the short answer to Kony’s whereabouts, as a former LRA commander recently told Enough.  Read More »

General Damane goes to Khartoum?

Unconfirmed reports that a leader of rebel group from the Central African Republic, or CAR, recently traveled to Khartoum are troubling. Might he join forces with the LRA?  Read More »

A New Militia Rises in South Sudan

Arrow Boys (Enough/Laura Heaton)

A decision by the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly to arm and train the so-called Arrow Boys underlines the inability of South Sudan’s army to protect civilians while raising the risk that the new militia could constitute an effective private army for local politicians seeking influence.  Read More »

The LRA is Still Ugandan

Arrow Boys (Ledio Cakaj)

he relatively large number of non- Ugandans in the LRA has led diplomats in the region to privately state that the LRA is no longer a Ugandan organization. This view is technically incorrect.   Read More »

A Make or Break Time for Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony

This is a critical time for Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, who needs to show his fighters that the LRA is more than just a personal survival vehicle.  Read More »

Top LRA Commander Moves to Southern Sudan

Testimony from former LRA fighters who were recently captured near Yambio in Sudan’s Western Equatoria state indicates that a notorious LRA commander, Dominic Ongwen, recently crossed into Sudan from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Read More »

In Congo, U.N. Official’s Assurances Ring Hollow as Peacekeepers Prepare to Withdraw

In an isolated corner of northeastern Congo, where MONUC has helped deter attacks by the LRA and established fragile security, civilians brace for the withdrawal of U.N. peacekeepers.  Read More »

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