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Enough Policy Brief: The U.N. Security Council’s Role in Supporting Peace in the Two Sudans

Following the resolution of negotiations in Addis Ababa this September, the international community watches on as the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan continue to grapple with critical outstanding issues. In the coming days, the U.N. Security Council will have the opportunity to vote on a set of recommendations from the African Union Peace and Security Council, or A.U. PSC, on a way forward, so the Enough Project makes some recommendations for the Security Council’s engagement in a new policy brief released today.  Read More »

The Presidential Debates: What Was Missing?

The Lord's Resistance Army. Violence in eastern Congo, and between and within Sudan and South Sudan. These conflicts are some of the worst facing our world today. What else do they have in common?  Read More »

Take Action: Ask the Debate Moderators to Ask about Sudan

The Enough Project and our partner organizations want to hear more about President Obama and former Governor Romney's views on Africa’s major conflicts. Here are a few ways to push them to address these issues in the debates.  Read More »

Report: Mineral Wealth in Africa Grows While Poverty Persists

Tin ore

Africa’s Pulse, a biannual analysis of African economic prospects published by The World Bank, recently released a report tracking the effects of minerals wealth on economic and social growth in Africa. The report found that African economies are currently poised on the longest growth and expansion since independence due to improved economic policies paired with growing political stability.  Read More »

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