South Sudan Independence

John Prendergast Joins Brookings Panel to Assess Opportunities and Challenges for South Sudan

On June 28, the Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings invited a diverse array of prestigious activists and leaders from the U.S. and Africa, including Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast, to discuss opportunities and obstacles for South Sudan as the country approaches its one-year anniversary of independence. While the panelists were cautiously optimistic about the progress Africa’s newest nation has made, many expressed concerns about South Sudan’s struggling economy and its remaining security challenges.  Read More »

Relations between Two Sudans Tied up in Economic Disputes

The economies of both Sudan and South Sudan rely heavily on income from oil revenues. Therefore post-split negotiations on transitional economic and financial issues mediated by African Union High-Level Implementation Panel, or AUHIP, have been largely focused on reaching an agreement on this burning issue.  Read More »

Discussions in Washington Spotlight Long Road Ahead for South Sudan

There was a myriad of events in Washington last Thursday that focused on South Sudan’s newly-gained independence, all attempting to answer one question: Now what? The lineup of Sudan-focused events included a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, a White House conference call, and panels at the United States Institute of Peace, or USIP, the Society for International Development, and the Heritage Foundation. While the panels and individuals represented different organizations and ends of the political spectrum, they all reached a strikingly similar chord on what was at stake in the two Sudans.  Read More »

Enough Project in the News on Sudan

The independence of South Sudan has been a historical event not only for the country but for all of Africa. It has attracted worldwide media attention, and even some featuring our very own Enough Team, including Co-founder John Prendergast and Co-captain of the Darfur Dream Team Luol Deng, who have been on the ground in Juba. The following is an overview of recent, select media coverage that mention the Enough Project in Sudan.  Read More »

Report: Shift Needed in U.S. Policy Toward Sudan

While the Republic of South Sudan celebrates independence as the world’s newest nation, the rest of Sudan remains a chronically unstable state that threatens peace in both Sudans and the region, said the Enough Project in a new report, “Rethinking Sudan After Southern Secession.”    Read More »

New Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan Raises Its Flag

“South Sudan Oyee!! South Sudan Oyee!” The joyful call and response of cheers for the world’s newest nation filled the entire Washington, D.C., street last Saturday morning. Members of the South Sudan community and diaspora gathered in front of the new Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan for a morning full of dancing, clapping, singing, and widespread embraces to welcome their new nation.  Read More »

South Sudan: If Only Independence Marked The End Of Its Woes

“I’ve got 99 problems but Bashir ain’t one” is emblazoned on t-shirts for sale in the capital of the brand-new country of South Sudan, which officially gained its independence from the North on Saturday.

Even before Sudan gained independence from the United Kingdom and Egypt in 1956, civil war had broken out between the North and South, where rebels rose up to protest the region’s marginalization. Decades and 2 million deaths later, the South is now independent. The weekend was jubilant — from midnight on Friday when crowds filled the streets waving South Sudan flags, through the official declaration ceremony attended by dozens of heads of state and high-level delegations, to the Monday holiday.  Read More »

Video: South Sudan’s Independence Celebration

The mood was festive in South Sudan's capital as southerners – many who traveled long distances to take part in the long-awaited historic day – declared their independence this weekend. After decades of civil war, the secession stirred up raw emotions and an outpouring of patriotism. The Enough Project's Tim Freccia captured the sights and sounds of the celebration in Juba  Read More »

South Sudan Celebrates Independence with Pomp and Memories of Past

After a 56-year struggle, South Sudan has a country of its own. Thousands upon thousands of people gathered starting early this morning at the memorial for Dr. John Garang, the late rebel leader, where workers have been building and cleaning day and night to ready the dusty open space for the huge celebration. Flag-festooned Range Rovers and Mercedes delivered dozens of heads of states, including Kenya’s Mwai Kibaki, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, to the festivities.

After hours of sitting in the blistering sun, the crowd seemed newly energized – erupting in cheers and chants of “Republic of South Sudan Oyee!” – when President Salva Kiir took to the podium for his first address as the leader of the world’s 193rd country.  Read More »

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