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The nightmare in your pocket - Cape Cod Times

Jan 6, 2010
Jeffrey Howell

At an anti-genocide conference in Washington, D.C., in a seminar called "Sexual Gender-Based Violence: Rape as a Weapon of War in Congo," I sat next to one of my former students, now a college freshman dedicated to human rights activism. That's when I passed this young woman a note. I wrote, "What is a traumatic fistula?"

After she realized that I really did not know, she wrote back: "In women, when raped at a young age and/or get pregnant, their under-developed urethra is torn, causing them to lose control of their bladder and can cause infection in the womb."

Women and girls, some younger than my high school students, are gang-raped by rebel or even government soldiers in the mining areas of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, as these vicious armies fight for territory to control the mines that feed our electronics.

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New Paper Provides Update on Conflict Minerals

Enough's latest strategy paper  – "Digging In: Recent Developments on Conflict Minerals"  –  details the continuing links between the minerals trade and ongoing violence in eastern Congo.  Read More »

Kony’s Shadow Looms Large in Congolese Refugee Camp

“When I was abducted, I wasn’t married,” 18-year-old Monique said without emotion. “But the tonton [LRA] made me take a soldier as my husband.”  Read More »

Senators Casey, Brown, Johnson Join Conflict Minerals Fight

Three more senators, Robert Casey (D-PA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Tim Johnson (D-SD) signed on to the Congo Conflict Minerals Act 2009 (S. 891) over the holidays, solidifying 14 co-sponsors for this bipartisan bill introduced in April.  Read More »

Activist Raises Alarm in Canadian Town about Congo’s Conflict Minerals

Tin ore - S. Lezhnev

Kudos to former Enough intern and dedicated Congo activist Greg Queyranne, whose letter to the editor was recently published in his local paper, the Edmonton Journal.  Read More »

Civilians Still Suffering in Faradje, Site of 2008 Christmas Massacres

Almost a year after the brutal attacks of Christmas 2008, the people of Faradje in northeastern Congo are trying to cope with the terror perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Read More »

Digging In: Recent Developments on Conflict Minerals

Congo’s mineral wealth continues to play a central role in the country’s conflict dynamics. Despite the upsurge in displacement and atrocities during 2009, multinational companies continue to purchase minerals from the war zone.

Silent Night

Bad things have a tendency to happen in faraway parts of the world during the holiday season, when policymakers head home and the 24hour news cycle momentarily slows down.   Read More »

From Life of Stature to Life of a Refugee

Mama Francoise was impeccably dressed. From the bright Congolese fabric, her command of French, and her dissatisfaction with the type of food she was receiving in the camp, it was clear that Francoise was not at home.  Read More »

From Brainstorming to the NYTimes Buzzword List

Gold miner in eastern Congo - S. Lezhnev

Yesterday the New York Times published its list of Buzzwords of the Year, and conflict minerals was one of them.  Read More »

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