Lord's Resistance Army

Tough Talk from Secretary Clinton, Senator Feingold on LRA

Appearing on Capitol Hill this week to testify about the Obama administration’s foreign policy priorities, Secretary of State Clinton offered some specific details – and personal dedication – on the topic of stopping the marauding Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa.   Read More »

Defeating the LRA: 5 Tips for US Leaders

LRA victim in Congo - LCakaj

As part of my work covering the LRA, I have been traveling to most of the LRA affected areas, where I have conducted numerous interviews with victims of LRA violence and policymakers alike. Based on my findings on the ground, there are at least five important actions that the policy team in charge of designing a multilateral strategy to address the LRA issues should focus on.  Read More »

Bill To End LRA Blocked By Senator, Activists Mobilize

Michael Poffenberger

With a record 61 cosponsors, the bipartisan Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act was submitted last month for Senate passage by unanimous consent. But a lone senator – Tom Coburn of Oklahoma – is single-handedly blocking the bill, jeopardizing the progress toward peace so many have worked to create.  Read More »

Advocate For LRA Victims Takes To The Senate Floor

Rather than simply issue a statement, Senator Inhofe (R-OK) took the extra step to address the Senate chamber, stressing the vital impact the legislation would have on the children who endured the brutal tactics of Lord's Resistance Army.  Read More »

Senate LRA Bill Makes History

This week, support for the Lord’s Resistance Army bill, or S. 1067,  reached a majority in the Senate, marking a degree of support that—according to the Congressional Research Service—has not been seen since 1973 for a bill specifically on sub-Saharan Africa.  Read More »

Silent Night

Bad things have a tendency to happen in faraway parts of the world during the holiday season, when policymakers head home and the 24hour news cycle momentarily slows down.   Read More »

From Life of Stature to Life of a Refugee

Mama Francoise was impeccably dressed. From the bright Congolese fabric, her command of French, and her dissatisfaction with the type of food she was receiving in the camp, it was clear that Francoise was not at home.  Read More »


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A weekly round-up of must-read stories, posted every Friday.  Read More »

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