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Sudan: Members of U.S. Congress Arrested in Darfur Protest -

Apr 28, 2009
Brian Kennedy

Washington, DC — Five members of the United States Congress were among a group of people arrested Monday in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC during a protest against the violence in Darfur.

The representatives – Donna Edwards (Democrat-Maryland), Keith Ellison (Democrat-Minnesota), John Lewis (Democrat-Georgia), Jim McGovern (Democrat-Massachusetts) and Lynn Woolsey (Democrat-California) – were arrested for crossing a police line, a misdemeanor. They were processed at a Washington, DC police station and released Monday afternoon. 

Going to Jail to Fight Genocide - Huffington Post

May 1, 2009
Rabbi David Saperstein and John Prendergast

Despite what some UN diplomats and squeamish academics might be saying, the genocide by attrition continues in Darfur, through the use of rape and denial of humanitarian assistance as weapons of war. There are no gas chambers; there are not even the dramatic village burnings of 2003-5 Darfur. But the conditions designed to bring about the destruction - in whole or in part - of particular groups of people on the basis of their identity continues. 

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