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Ante Up For Africa Tourney Raises Thousands - Card Player

Jul 6, 2009
Bob Pajich

Last night was a good night for poker and the world.

 The Ante Up for Africa tournament, a $5,000 event that took place at the Rio to raise money for charities that are dealing with the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, concluded when the final two players, Dan Shak and Brandon Moran, stood up and announced that they decided to donate all their winnings to the charities.

 With that, the tournament ended. Just between Shak and Moran, $368,738 went to the Enough Project and the International Rescue Committee.

 The $5,000 tournament, which was dreamt up by actor Don Cheadle and poker star Annie Duke, was added to the World Series of Poker schedule as a kind of exhibition. Although no money was held out of the prize pool for the charities, the players were asked to donate at least half of their winnings to the charities. Read More


Daily Darfur: What's another two months between friends? -

Jul 1, 2009
Martha Heinemann Bixby

 The Sudanese elections have been pushed back yet again (collective gasp of surprise).

Originally slated for mid 2009, then pushed to February 2010, the elections are now suppose to happen in April 2010.  Why?

"The National Elections Commission has been deliberating and observing the circumstances relating to the national elections and has decided on the modification of the previous timeframe," said a statement signed by Commission chairman Abel Alier.

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