Sudan and South Sudan

Sen. Kerry to visit Darfur

West Scrambles to Find Darfur Strategy - The Toronto Star

Apr 5, 2009
Olivia Ward

 President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan wasted no time in thumbing his nose at the International Criminal Court after it issued a warrant for his arrest on war crimes charges.

Bashir expelled more than a dozen major aid organizations that were a lifeline for Darfur's suffering people, then attended an Arab League summit in Qatar, where he was welcomed with open arms, and travelled to four other Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia.

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Envoy Pursues Restoration of Aid in Darfur, Sudan Peace Agreement - Voice of America

Apr 6, 2009
Howard Lesser

 During his visit to Darfur, US Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration has urged Sudanese humanitarian groups to join in the effort to rescue Darfur war victims.  After visiting the Zamzam refugee camp in North Darfur over the weekend, Ambassador Gration, a retired US Air Force Major General, also suggested that Khartoum should invite in aid groups from other Arab nations to help save Darfur's displaced population, which he says lack water and adequate health care.

Last month, Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir ordered 13 foreign aid groups to leave Sudan after he was charged by the International Criminal Court with committing war crimes in Darfur. 

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Aid Workers Kidnapped in Darfur

Not On Our Watch Broadcast

Not On Our Watch cover

Gration: Darfur on the Brink

Activist Prendergast, Obama Talk About Ending Strife in Darfur - The Los Angeles Times

Apr 2, 2009
Tina Daunt

 Human rights activist John Prendergast, a foreign policy advisor to the stars, met with President Obama and his new Sudan special envoy, Air Force Gen. J. Scott Gration, this week to discuss the deteriorating situation in Darfur.

Prendergast, who has advised celebs as varied as NBA star Tracy McGrady and actors Don Cheadle and Angelina Jolie, was welcomed to the White House along with Omer Ismail, a senior advisor to Prendergast's Enough project.

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