Sudan and South Sudan

Scholar Disputes "Genocide" Term for Darfur - The Washington Times

Jun 11, 2009
Gus Constantine

Mahmood Mamdani, a Uganda-born professor of anthropology and political science at Columbia University, has created a raging controversy over whether the Sudanese government's response to a six-year rebellion in Darfur constitutes a genocide.

In a new book, "Saviors and Survivors," the Columbia professor weaves history, statistics on deaths and displacements, and 156 pages of footnotes to support his view that no genocide occurred in the country's vast westernmost province.

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No Champagne Needed

Kristof on Obama and Mamdani

Sudan’s Election Paradox

Salva Kiir and Omar al-Bashir

Sudan's Election Paradox

The United States and other key actors need to lower their expectations for the upcoming February 2010 national elections in Sudan and develop a multilateral strategy to press the Government of National Unity—the ruling National Congress Party in particular —to enact meaningful reforms regardless of who wins in 2010, revitalize CPA implementation, and establish a framework for talks in Darfur that are consistent with the power-sharing provisions of the CPA.

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