Sudan and South Sudan

Obama Can Make a Difference in Darfur - The Wall Street Journal

Apr 12, 2009
Jim Wallis and John Prendergast

The stories are beginning to trickle in from displaced-persons camps in Darfur: increasing hunger, epidemics and -- the quietest killer -- a shortage of water in the Sahara.

Last month, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. His response was to expel international aid agencies that provide a lifeline to Darfurians, and with that, "never again" is being made into "once again" through a continuation of genocide by other means. But Mr. Bashir's deadly gambit provides an opportunity.

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Prendergast in WSJ

Words, Photos Show Struggle in Darfur - United Methodist News Service

Apr 8, 2009
Linda Bloom

As journalists who travel the world, Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey know that once you finish telling a story, you have to move on to the next one.

But the complex and compelling crisis that enfolds the people of Darfur keeps drawing them back. “The trouble with Darfur is it’s the one country you can’t move on from – the tragedy there is so great,” explains Jeffrey, a photojournalist and missionary with the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries.

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Legacy of Rwanda's Genocide: More Assertive International Justice - The Christian Science Monitor

Apr 7, 2007
Scott Baldauf

Johannesburg, South Africa; and Kigali, Rwanda - Like the Holocaust of Jews and others during World War II – the scale and shame of the world's inaction during the Rwandan genocide still staggers the mind.

Fifteen years ago today, men and women picked up machetes and murdered their neighbors by the hundreds of thousands. And the world watched. The 100-day massacre has since inspired books and Hollywood movies, and left a mark on the global conscience, prompting international campaigns for intervention, such as in Darfur. 

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