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Human-Rights Advocates Decry Ousting of Aid Charities from Sudan - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Mar 24, 2009
Caroline Preston

Sudan's expulsion this month of 13 international aid groups from Darfur is already putting added strain on the region's sprawling displacement camps and will have horrific consequences in the weeks to come, aid workers say.

The ousted groups — 12 charities and one for-profit relief organization — employed about 6,500 people in Darfur and provided at least half of all aid, according to United Nations estimates.

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Bashir to Visit Egypt Tomorrow?

Three Priorities for Darfur - Sojourners

Mar 24, 2009
John Prendergast

I have a confession to make. In the ninth year of the 21st century, and on my own 46th birthday, I may be the last activist left in America that has never penned a blog. So here it is, my maiden voyage. And I am only writing this because Jim Wallis asked me to, after we did a press conference together in the Capitol Building this past week. Ever since I met Jim 20 years ago in a northeast D.C. gym, I would follow him anywhere, even into the world of blogging.

Today I’m writing to implore you to stand up in support of the people of Darfur. Now, more than ever, with the expulsion of 13 aid agencies, they need our voices. President Obama is overwhelmed by a multitude of crises, so he and the new Congress need to hear from us that Sudan is a priority too.

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