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Lititz Church Puts Darfur on its "Watch" - Lancaster Online

Mar 30, 2009
Susan Lindt

 A small group in Lititz connected with the other side of the world Sunday night as members joined in prayer for an end to genocide, famine and war in Sudan's Darfur region.

Lititz United Methodist Church was just one of many U.S. churches tapped into a satellite feed from Dayton, Ohio, called "Not on Our Watch."

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Exclusive Interview: Colin Thomas-Jensen, Enough Project Policy Advisor - ICC Observers

Mar 29, 2009

 Q. You recently authored a strategy paper for ENOUGH outlining different mechanisms for peace building and conflict resolution in Eastern Congo. In the report you argued that Court should investigate and prosecute cases in North and South Kivu. Specifically, what role do you think the Court can play in conflict resolution in the DRC? You say the Court should increase pressure on international actors to develop an apprehension strategy for Ntaganda - how can it do this? More generally, what should be the political role of the Court?

A. One of the big issues that’s fueling conflict and atrocities and human rights violations across Congo is impunity. 

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