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Who is Bosco Ntaganda?: Enough Project Paper Sheds Light on Congolese Warlord

Apr 13, 2012

Contact: Jonathan Hutson, jhutson@enoughproject.org, +1-202-386-1618

WASHINGTON – Bosco Ntaganda, the Congolese warlord wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, lived for years in a comfortable villa in Goma, rubbing elbows with humanitarian workers, Congolese security officials, and in plain view of United Nations peacekeeping mission. Despite his war criminal status, he has remained able to consolidate power and move freely throughout the region with total impunity while amassing a fortune from exploitation of the region’s illicit minerals trade according to a new Enough Project fact sheet that sheds light on the recently defected former general.

Ntaganda, a Congolese Tutsi with links to the government of Rwanda, fought for years with various rebel groups in both Rwanda and Congo before taking over the Rwandan-backed rebel group the CNDP in 2009. At that point Ntaganda’s forces were integrated into the Congolese army in a still opaque peace deal between Rwanda and Congo. Since then he has continued a campaign of corruption, murder, rape, extortion and intimidation, under the umbrella of the Congolese state security apparatus.

Recently, under still murky circumstances, Ntaganda along with some of his forces defected from the Congolese army and retreated to a stronghold north of Goma. Last week, while visiting Goma, Congolese president Joseph Kabila called for Ntaganda’s arrest, making a break with years of tacit official support for Ntanganda’s crimes.

“Ntaganda has been called both a war criminal and a lynchpin to regional stability,” said the Enough Project paper. “Yet as a member and leader of several armed groups, he has left a bloody trail across the eastern Congo.”

Read the fact sheet, “Who is Bosco Ntaganda: Lynchpin to Security or International War Criminal?”

FACT SHEET: Who is Bosco Ntaganda: Lynchpin to Security or International War Criminal?

This Enough Project factsheet sheds light on who is Bosco Natanga, the infamous Congolese General, also known in the region as “The Terminator.” Incongruously, he’s been called both a war criminal and a lynchpin to regional stability; yet as a member and leader of several armed groups, he has left a bloody trail across the eastern Congo.

Who is Bosco Ntaganda: Lynchpin to Security or International War Criminal?

Bosco Ntaganda garnered widespread media attention earlier this month after he and his supporters defected from the Congolese army. In a newly published fact sheet, “Who is Bosco Ntaganda: Lynchpin to Security or International War Criminal?” the Enough Project chronicles Ntaganda’s extensive list of human rights violations in the eastern Congo.  Read More »

Amid Impending Standoff President Kabila Arrives in Goma

As the entire Great Lakes region waits and watches with uncertainty as to how the tense security situation in eastern Congo will play out, Radio Okapi reported that Congolese President Joseph Kabila and his Army Chief of Staff, General Dider Etumba, arrived in Goma on Monday.  Read More »

North Kivu Civil Society for a Conflict-Free Minerals Supply Chain

Amid uncertainty and frustrations spurred by a looming insurgency by ICC-indicted Bosco Ntaganda, the coalition of civil society groups acting as the local conflict-minerals watchdog, known by its French acronym GATT-RN, is steadfast in ensuring that efforts toward legitimate minerals sourcing in eastern Congo do not lose momentum.  Read More »

Bosco Ntaganda's Desperation

Eastern Congo’s “Terminator,” the rebel chief and erstwhile Kinshasa ally Bosco Ntaganda, has apparently gotten spooked. Two weeks after Thomas Lubanga, Ntaganda’s former boss, was convicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court, and amid calls by the Congolese civil societies and the international community to arrest him, Ntaganda appears on a mission to orchestrate a show-of-force in the Kivus.  Read More »

'A New Generation of Justice’: KONY 2012 Part II Addresses Criticisms and Goes Beyond Making Kony Famous

The goal behind last month’s release of KONY 2012 wasn’t to make it the most viral video of all time—though it did achieve that distinction—but to create global momentum that would lead to the apprehension of Joseph Kony and bring an end to the brutality of his Lord’s Resistance Army. The goal of making him famous was achieved in record time, and now Invisible Children is working to focus these massive amounts of energy and willpower by releasing KONY 2012 Part II: Beyond Famous.  Read More »

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Tin, Tungsten, Gold Smelters: Time to Go Conflict-free

Leading electronics companies are trying to make it as easy as possible for their key suppliers to go conflict-free, and it’s time for those companies to take up the offer. Intel, HP, and the GE Foundation yesterday announced that they have pooled funds in a new incentive program for smelters—the key chokepoint in the conflict minerals supply chain—to get audited to be conflict-free.  Read More »

The Kony Effect: Activism and the Power of Social Media

Apr 9 2012 6:00 pm
Apr 9 2012 8:30 pm
America/New York

Kony Effect Poster

Location: McCormick Tribune Forum
1870 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL
Evanston, IL

Join Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights, in collaboration with African Students Association, Peace Project, NCDC, Inspire Media, and Northwestern STAND for a panel discussion regarding the role of and methods toward socially conscious activism. 

This event is meant to create a more diverse dialogue regarding the role of social activism. Invisible Children will be present to explain their contributions toward their social activist efforts.

RSVP on Facebook

Event Schedule

6-7pm: Invisible Children will screen "Kony2012" After the screening, Oyella Jane, a Ugandan student personally affected by the LRA, will share her story. Finally, representatives from Invisible Children will explain the mission and intent of KONY2012, opening the floor to audience questions.
7-8pm: NUCHR and collaborators will present a panel discussing the role of Social Activism using Kony2012 as a particular case study.
We will offer light refreshments before and after the event. 


Wendy Cohen (via Skype) of Participant Media. She will discuss the role of the documentary within social activism. Wendy Cohen joined Participant in November of 2007 as the Manager of Community and Alliances and the founding editor of the TakePart.com blog. Wendy has developed innovative online and mobile initiatives for Charlie Wilson’s War, The Visitor, Food, Inc. and The Cove. She shepherded the digital component of social action campaign for Waiting for "Superman"
JD Stier of the Enough Project will discuss the role of social media within activism. JD is the Raise Hope for Congo Campaign Manager. He has over a decade of experience with campaign and community organizing, advocacy, and politics. JD has advised for and co-founded numerous organizations with missions focused on improving the lives of those living in Congo, Uganda, and Sudan; including the Save Yar Campaign and EDGE Project. JD most recently served at the White House with the Obama Administration and worked on the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign.
Professor Jeff Rice of Northwestern University will discuss the question of how to responsibly advocate in an age of social media, ideally speaking about the consequences of simplifying complex issues into mass marketable messages and ways to be a "responsible humanitarian."
Panelists will discuss their specific takes on the role of activism and finally open up the floor for audience questions.

*DISCLAIMER: NUCHR and the collaborating organizations for this event do not publicly endorse or declaim the efforts of Invisible Children and Kony2012

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