Guisma's Darfur: 10 Years is Enough

During the last 10 years, Guisma went from living with her brothers and parents in their village in Darfur, to seeing two older brothers killed during the brutal attack on their home, another younger brother die during the escape to Chad, and a little sister die in the refugee camp that is now Guisma's home.  Read More »

Act for Sudan Emergency Action Summit Recap

Rich Williamson, John Prendergast, and Eric Cohen speak on a panel at the summit

Over 200 Sudan activists from across the United States joined in Washington, D.C., last weekend for a conference sponsored by Act For Sudan.  Read More »

Darfur10: We need education, peace, dignity, tolerance

Darfur 10 logo

Rahma is one of those individuals who can truly light up a room. He's charismatic, energetic, articulate, and has a great sense of humor. As an 18-year-old Darfuri refugee, Rahma has spent half of his young life in Djabal refugee camp in eastern Chad.  Read More »

The Hill Op-ed: Renewing Congress's commitment to peace in Darfur and Sudan

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Ten years ago this month, brutal attacks by the Government of Sudan against the people of Darfur first began to reach the world's attention.  Read More »

New MONUSCO Mandate Should Include Programs to Increase Defections, Combat Smuggling

In the coming days, the United Nations Security Council will be debating the mandate of the U.N. mission in Congo known as MONUSCO, the world’s largest peacekeeping force. Based on a recent trip to eastern Congo and conversations with U.N. peacekeepers themselves, here are three ideas that I would want my taxpayer dollars to go toward.  Read More »

The Hill Op-ed: Staying the Course to End the LRA

Amid the security challenges in Mali, Somalia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, some individuals in the administration want to pull back the advisors. But the advisors are starting to have a transformative impact on efforts aimed at disbanding the LRA, apprehending the group’s senior leaders who are wanted by the International Criminal Court, and protecting civilians from LRA violence.  Read More »

Terrorism: The Other Reason to Worry about Darfur

Islamist rebels fleeing French military action in Mali are successfully gaining refuge in Darfur. Sudan unabashedly hosted Al-Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri during the 1990s. Now, Khartoum is offering Malian terrorists safe haven in exchange for their support in the fight against the newly unified Darfuri opposition.   Read More »

Darfur10: Drawings and Memories of Darfur

Many of the more than 2 million Darfuris still displaced by the decade-long conflict are women and children. The photos below are of drawings by just some of the hundreds of thousands of young
Darfuri refugees whose lives are on hold until they can return home to a peaceful Darfur.  Read More »

Darfur10: Q & A with Darfuri Activist and Enough Advisor Omer Ismail

As part of our commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of the conflict in Darfur, I sat down with Enough Project advisor and Darfuri activist Omer Ismail to learn more about his personal story and his opinions on what needs to be done to bring the long conflict to an end.  Read More »

Foreign Policy Op-ed: Preventing the Next Mali

The heat was stifling and the climb was steep, but Adam insisted that he show us the place where his life was forever altered.  Read More »

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