Falling Short On Sudan

President Obama speaks in Cairo - AP

Why We Fasted

Invisible Children on Larry King Live

Jun 2, 2009
John Prendergast


Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy and the team from Invisible Children appeared on June 2nd's Larry King Live to discuss Central Africa's violent and ongoing insurgency led by the Lord's Resistance Army. 

To preview their appearance, Enough co-founder John Prendergast wrote a blog post about the issue. Check out the post here

To get more background on conflict in Uganda check out our regional coverage here.

For an in depth look at the atrocities committed by the Lord's Resistance Army and how you can help stop them, check out this special report.

John Prendergast on PBS' Foreign Exchange

May 29, 2009

Watch Enough co-founder John Prendergast discuss the Obama administration's interest in engaging Darfur activists with Daljit Dhaliwal on PBS' Foreign Exchange

Watch Foreign Exchange with Daljit Dhaliwal - Episode 520 in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Be sure to check out the complete episode Sunday May 31st on your local PBS station.

And you can read a full transcript of the interview here.

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