• On July 9, South Sudan becomes independent after decades of war with the north. Heavy fighting has broken out anew, but South Sudanese are pausing to celebrate a day many thought would never come.

  • Kuol Monyjei, a medical assistant in Agok, south Sudan, searches for his family after Sudan Armed Forces stormed the Abyei area and displaced thousands from their homes.

  • Following the invasion and occupation of Abyei by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers, thousands of displaced residents continued to suffer amid heavy rain, and Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers took up defensive positions in surrounding areas

  • Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng, himself a refugee from Sudan, speaks about the importance of providing Darfuri refugees with an education.

  • Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast visits a mine in eastern Congo and highlights the need for a system to certify Congo's minerals as conflict-free.

  • In a conversation in honor of Mother's Day, Javier Bardem discusses the world's most dangerous place for mothers and their daughters: the Congo.

  • En honor del Día de la Madre, Javier Bardem habla sobre el lugar más peligroso en el mundo para las mujeres: El Congo. Las milicias en El Congo se usan la violación de las mujeres como armas de guerra, en la lucha para obtener control de los minerales. Nuestros electrónicos estan hechos por estos mismos minerales. Este Día de la Madre, contribuye tú voz en la campaña para la paz en El Congo:

  • Actress and activist Mia Farrow visits Abyei, the disputed region between north and South Sudan on the brink of war. With just a few months to go before South Sudan's independence, Abyei must be addressed or the dispute could spark renewed war between north and South Sudan.

  • The crisis in Darfur remains unresolved. Don Cheadle has traveled to the region multiple times and met with those affected. He talks with John Prendergast about how to bring peace to Darfur.