Daily Beast: End Sexual Violence In War Zones

Congolese Rape Survivor

United Nations has partnered with the UK to launch a powerful new political campaign to end rape in war. Already, 128 countries have publicly committed themselves to a new Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. It promotes women’s full participation in peace negotiations. In doing so, the declaration casts women as more than victims of sexual assault during conflict who require restitution. Instead, it envisions them as peacemakers and change agents for their countries' futures.  Read More »

Five Stories You May Have Missed This Week

A weekly roundup of must-read stories, posted every Friday.   Read More »

One Million Bones Nationwide Movement Comes to D.C.

One Million Bones

The Enough Project is excited to announce its’ partnership with One Million Bones, a large-scale social arts practice founded by Naomi Natale that uses education and art to raise awareness of genocide and mass atrocities. From June 8-10, 2013, they are hosting an installation on the National Mall as a unique symbol of our common humanity and a call to action, followed by an Advocacy Day hosted by the Enough Project. The installation will consist of one million “bones,” made by activists around the country and meant to symbolize and honor lives lost through genocide and those still under threat in current crises.  Read More »

Recent Encounter with the LRA May Provide Hints about Kony’s Whereabouts

The Ugandan army, or UPDF, earlier this month had a major confrontation with the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. The location of the reported firefight is significant in that it could provide clues about where Kony is currently hiding.  Read More »

Lessons to Learn on Certification: Global Witness Pulls Out of Kimberley Process

In a move this week that had been a long time coming, Enough partner organization Global Witness officially pulled out of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, or KP, due to its “refusal to evolve and address the clear links between diamonds, violence and tyranny.” The announcement was significant given the organization’s role as a key architect in the creation of the international diamond certification scheme and as an official observer since the KP’s launch in 2003.  Read More »

Zuma in Zimbabwe: South African President Sees Way Forward

South African President Zuma - AP

Gwede Mantash, the secretary general of South Africa’s leading ANC, said Wednesday that Zuma would not shy away from being vocal, noting that the South African president would “become more vocal in what we see as deviant behavior in our neighbor.”  Read More »

Mugabe's Revenge: Halting the Violence in Zimbabwe (Activist Brief)

Read our Activist Brief for a summary of the current situation in Zimbabwe, the current options for policymakers, and what you can do to help urge leaders to address the violence and the political crisis.

Mugabe's Revenge: Halting the Violence in Zimbabwe (Strategy Paper)

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has never been so close to losing power, and appears willing to use all means available to physically beat his opponents into submission. As the international community considers its response to the complex crisis in Zimbabwe, its first order of business must be to stop the violence.

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